1. Thank you Dr. Yeadon. Your message IS getting out there. More and more people every day are refusing the “vaccine”. Also tort actions under the Nuremberg laws are being filed all over the world following Dr. Reiner Fullmich’s example and The World Doctor Alliance. Take heart!

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    1. This is brilliant. Thank you so much for doing this Dr Yeadon…. I’ve been trying to tell my family and friends, but non have listened and all have had the jab.. So, I’m going to send this to them anyway. Maybe they’ll think twice before getting a booster.. Its so scarry and sad. I keep thinking, these evil people may have wiped out my whole family practically.. I am so eager to do what I can, these people need to be held accountable. What’s incredible is that some people I know are psychiatrist’s, you would think that they would be a little bit more switched on to these mind games governments, politicians, etc., are playing.. Incredible!


  2. Astounding. I was sent this from a dear friend. I am the only one i know in a city of 82,000 who is not getting the covid shot (i refuse to call it a vaccine).
    I have now sent out this video to all on my contact list.
    Thank you, thank you.


  3. you only need to put your BTW there is no pandemic ONCE in the comments. why do you clutter up your platform with repeating it so often. we are not children. ?


    1. I replied individually to several people who had commented, so they would know there is a new web site with a new domain. If I had only told one person who had commented, the others might not see it.


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